Veranstaltungstipp: The Norwegian disc-on-bow brooches and Viking memories

Vortrag am Dienstag den 5. Juli, 18:15 Uhr:

Dr Ann Zanette Tsigaridas Glørstad & Dr Ingunn Marit Røstad
(Museum of Cultural History, Oslo):

Garnet jewellery in Norway:
The Norwegian disc-on-bow brooches and Viking memories

asdThe continental tradition with the use of garnets in jewellery from the early middle ages spread north up to Norway during the 6th and 7th centuries, albeit used in a much lesser degree. Garnets are, however, frequently used in the so-called disc-on-bow brooches. These are one of the most spectacular jewellery types we know of from this period in Scandinavia. They are usually made of gilded copper alloy and the surface is covered with garnets set in cloisonné technique. The manufacturing of the brooches take place in the period between c. 550–800 AD, i.e. the period leading up to the Viking Age. However, many of the brooches have been found in Viking graves, and are thus quite old when buried. How is this phenomenon to be understood?

Vortag im Rahmen der Vortragsreihe des Projektes „Weltweites Zellwerk“. Veranstaltungsort ist der Vortragssaal des RGZM.


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